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The earth’s oceans, glaciers, deserts and caves show how the climate has changed very quickly and very dramatically in the past and how the human thirst for fossil fuels could be driving us to another such tipping point. For scientists researching abrupt climate change, unlocking the past provides the tools to predict how climate is likely to act in the future.

Abrupt climate change can occur in a matter of decades or years rather than millennia, bringing the threat of severe weather and drought. This site is devoted to the on-going research of leading climate scientists and their latest findings on abrupt climate change. The stories reported here focus on the impact of the research, key questions and potential solutions as communities, countries and the United Nations confront global warming.

Check in with us for on-going coverage of the latest research, perspectives and options.

Science and environmental reporters of the Medill News Service cover climate change on an on-going basis to provide stories on research and critical concerns for people confronting the risks of global warming. Our stories provide perspective on personal, national and international options to dramatically reduce greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

Science and environmental reporting is part of Medill’s graduate journalism program.Our climate change news site links you and leading climate change scientists.

Contact: Abigail Foerstner, Managing Editor and Medill Associate Professor

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