Global warming

As the Earth warms, researchers at the Ice and Climate Exploration Research Center (PSICE) at Pennsylvania State University are interested in how we can expect
Glaciers across the globe behave in a synchronized manner, said geologist Thomas Lowell at the recent Comer Climate Conference, an annual national conference held in
Scientists are taking a serious look at ocean biological systems that temper carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and trap them in the ocean depths,
The oceans have always held carbon dioxide (CO2) in their vast blue depths during glacial and warm periods throughout Earth’s history, breathing it in and
If you ask Chicagoans to draw a map of their city, the first line on the page will likely be a slightly angled north-south axis.
"Don’t get old if you can help it,” climatologist George Denton joked at the Comer Abrupt Climate Change Conference in Wisconsin this fall. But he
Throngs of demonstrators frustrated with government inaction on climate change filled the streets of Manhattan in fall. They wore cardboard cutout life preservers that said
At the Climate Change Symposium hosted by Northwestern University Thursday, scientists showed how dramatically shrinking glaciers and rising carbon dioxide levels document a warming planet.
Seismologist Meredith Nettles’ office is just north of New York City, but her mind is more often on Greenland where she spends part of the


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