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Cave deposit samples from China are helping scientists resolve the timeline of the whole Earth's climate history.
 Knowing this history means better predictions of what's to
In remote, rural Wisconsin, PVC pipe and white tarps transformed a section of an airplane hangar into a forum for some of the world’s top
Both Northern and Southern hemispheres are heating up with global warming. Yet scientists see differences in climate patterns between the hemispheres in past ages. 
Top climate scientists such as Richard Alley and Joerg Schaefer share what they do to reduce their carbon footprints. Individual efforts count in the planet-sized challenge of human-influenced
China, with one of the world fastest growing economies and skyrocketing energy use, still left a gaping hole in the global climate change map -
When the late philanthropist and entrepreneur Gary Comer cruised through the Northwest Passage off Greenland’s coast and into the Arctic in 2001, he knew something
U.N. special envoy on climate change Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland and her 22-person international commission started warning countries to avert global warming in 1987. Twenty-five
Whooping cranes, silvery-blue butterflies and Blanding’s turtles are just a few of the species who could preserve their habitat in the proposed national wildlife refuge
Michigan farmer and livestock producer Nate Robinson has known this for years. Rising food costs impact every person in every country across the globe, diminishing
With increasing temperatures on Earth, glaciers melt and ocean levels rise ever more rapidly, claiming coasts and causing floods. But global warming will have other


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