"Green" often means cold hard cash - or eco-friendly options. But climate scientist Richard Alley of Pennsylvania State University says that dealing with climate change reaps
Illinois energy priorities remain vague as Republican governor Bruce Rauner begins his term. Although Rauner occasionally hinted at his energy agenda while campaigning, he has
Icebergs the size of Manhattan’s Central Park break off of Greenland’s outlying glaciers and trigger earthquakes that can be detected thousands of miles away. About
His father, geochemist Charles David Keeling, had just begun an ambitious project to measure carbon dioxide in the air at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. His initial
Conversations about rising oceans, shifting monsoons, glacial quakes and climate change past and present animated the group gathered round a bonfire in the middle of
At the Climate Change Symposium hosted by Northwestern University Thursday, scientists showed how dramatically shrinking glaciers and rising carbon dioxide levels document a warming planet.
Scientists at the Comer Abrupt Climate Change Conference talk about the role of carbon dioxide in global warming. Geochemist Sidney Hemming of Columbia University kicks off
With climate talks stalled in Copenhagen over emission cuts by developed nations and no agreement in sight, political leaders from around the world head into the last
Humble diatoms, single-celled organisms that live in the water, help scientists piece together some of the mysteries of climate change. Researcher Anitra Ingalls, of the University
Seismologist Meredith Nettles’ office is just north of New York City, but her mind is more often on Greenland where she spends part of the


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