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Many know climate scientist Wallace Broecker, 81, as the “father of global warming”—but he says he isn’t very fond of the title.
In the midst of Chicago’s scorcher of a summer, one degree warmer didn’t mean very much. One hundred degrees compared to 101?  The plain and
But Jonathan Palmer, one of the world’s leading experts on tree rings, had expected them to be deader. Palmer has a strange calling. He chases
For those of us torn between concern for a warming globe and a lifestyle that relies on spewing tons of the greenhouse gases responsible for
Each year scientists at the cutting edge of climate research undertaken all across the world gather at the Comer Conference in Wisconsin to exchange their latest findings
Hiking up to 16,000 feet in the Himalayas, climate scientists plan to pin down how fast glaciers are melting near the top of the world.  Bhutan,
As news of record sea ice loss in the Arctic made headlines this fall, some of the world’s top climate scientists met in Wisconsin to


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