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Global warming is driving increased calving of the Greenland glaciers, causing icebergs the size of Central Park to crash into the sea. But low tides
Climate trends in the Northern and Southern hemispheres often seem out of sync, and scientists say that solving the mystery is a must to better
Yes, humans are releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. But we might be boosting the emissions from an
You might want to think of climate researchers as arson investigators. That’s the comparison made by Penn State climate scientist Richard Alley at the Comer
Take a deep breath – and pretend it’s 800,000 years ago. That ancient air you are breathing is pretty much the same as the stuff
Ancient shorelines in the Great Basin of the western United States reveal clues to severe ancient droughts and that could help us better predict climate
Despite warming temperatures worldwide, scientists are exploring Earth’s ancient cold snaps. Researching how past ice ages ended can reveal clues about our planet’s future.


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