Extreme weather

For Californians reeling from the deadly fires in Northern California and the Oroville Dam crisis that displaced thousands, the record-breaking precipitation levels last year may
Four billion people—more than half the world’s population—face severe water scarcity for drinking, crops, sanitary needs and other uses during part of each year. As climate
"Green city planning to create green roofs, green parks and deployment of green assets in places where we are worried about heat effects is necessary,”
As the leaves turn gold in southwest Wisconsin each fall, climate scientists from around the world gather there to share their latest findings on the
A mystery from some 18,000 years ago directly impacts how scientists understand the threat of climate change today. The Earth, shivering though the end of an
Glaciers are retreating, lakes are drying up and sea levels are rising faster than expected. Extreme weather is on the rise and predicted to become
Many know climate scientist Wallace Broecker, 81, as the “father of global warming”—but he says he isn’t very fond of the title.
Michigan farmer and livestock producer Nate Robinson has known this for years. Rising food costs impact every person in every country across the globe, diminishing
Climate change critics are pointing to a 15-year period of stable global temperatures to suggest that global warming has stopped.
Earth's last deep freeze gripped the Great Lakes about 13,000 years ago, but climate scientists need to explain how it happened as though it occurred


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