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The nearly five-year drought afflicting California and Nevada has restricted water usage, emptied reservoirs to historic low levels, and even caused the land to sink
ELKO, NEVADA – Carol Evans parked the Bureau of Land Management pickup truck and stepped out onto dusty earth cracked with the scars of drought.
In the midst of Chicago’s scorcher of a summer, one degree warmer didn’t mean very much. One hundred degrees compared to 101?  The plain and
Wallace Broecker works at the forefront of climate science, an elder statesman of global research at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. He grew up
Climate change critics are pointing to a 15-year period of stable global temperatures to suggest that global warming has stopped.
With the Earth in a warming climate at stake, preparing for the future means understanding the past. That’s where paleoclimate scientists come in. 
 Paleoclimatology is
Climate scientists are confirming the latest United Nations forecast of rising sea levels, shrinking glaciers and intensifying heat due to human activities that lock ever more greenhouse gases in the


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