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University of Chicago climate scientist Raymond Pierrehumbert says that humans have moved well beyond the natural swings of global warming in the environment. We have "shocked
The founders of Natcore Technology had a vision. They wanted to create a thin film for solar cells that would decrease the amount of silicon
Large industrial greenhouse gas emitters – such as Chicago’s two coal-fired power plants – face new federal regulation under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposal
Americans would need to return to the energy usage levels of the 1870s – a time without cars, airplanes or electricity - to reduce carbon emissions to
Drought. It is a distant thought during the rainy days of a Chicago spring, with streets flooding and one fifth of the world’s fresh water
Billions of tons of carbon dioxide could be captured by rocks in a natural chemical reaction that humans can speed up, say researchers from Columbia
Global sea levels could rise nearly 40 inches by the end of the century threatening the Atlantic coast with flooding, according to a recent report
Coastal floods - inland droughts - water shortages - famine. That’s the forecast for global warming.  In a report released Tuesday, the Worldwatch Institute is calling
Chicago is home base for the markets needed to undertake President Barack Obama’s proposed cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gases and lessen the impact of


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